Lorraine Fisher, Interior Designer

  • Lorraine Fisher, Interior Designer and Founder of Luxe Design Interiors, has over 17 years design industry experience, and has the expertise to help you navigate through any decorating project, from start to finish.   
  • She received her B.A. in Interior Design from the F.I.D.E.R. accredited design program at San Diego State University.
  • Specializes in Designing Custom Bedding, Window Coverings, Drapery and Specifying Floor Coverings
  • She has 5+ years experience in Custom Home Builder Selections

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How did you get start in interior design?

"Interior design is a passion for me.  I absolutely love everything about it, from the colors, to fabrics, art, architecture, lighting, all of the nuances that are involved in creating interior spaces.  

I was pursuing a fashion design degree at F.I.T. in New York, and was given an opportunity to help decorate a small law office.  That first project sparked my love of design, and my career direction.  Shout out to Herb Cohen in New York City who hired me for my first design project -- thanks for believing in me!"  

What inspires you?

I get inspired by color and fabrics.  I can spend hours in a fabric showroom, and love mixing textures, and creating interest with  patterns.  Sometimes I design a room around a rug, but sometimes it's a color found in art in the room that will be the starting point."  

Do you have a favorite design style?  

"I tend to gravitate towards classic lines, and more of a casual living style, whether it's modern or traditional.  No matter what the vision is, whether it's a 1-room makeover, or a kitchen remodel . . . I find the best results for projects come when clients see it as a process, have fun, 

and allow themselves to enjoy the journey of design."

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Some of the questions I receive from clients . . .

  • I love neutral paint colors, and grey is so in, but how do I incorporate that into my interiors without having to change all of the rest of my furnishings to work with the color grey?
  • Our kitchen functions well, but is a little dated.  We would love to get a fresh look, but don't want to spend a fortune.  Where do we begin?   
  • We removed our carpeting and installed hardwood flooring and we need rugs, but not sure what size is going to work best.  We brought one home from the store we liked, but something doesn't appear right.  Maybe too small?  
  • I love all the designer-inspired rooms, but I have kids and pets and need "real life" furniture and finishes that will work for the way our family lives, as in lots of messes.  
  • How high should I hang my chandelier off the table?
  • What do I put over the sofa?  and How high do I hang my art work?
  • I have arched windows and the sun is streaming in, what type of window coverings will work?     

PINTEREST is Awesome!!!   (I love it too) 

So if any of these "design dillemmas" struck a cord with you, or made you think of your own design questions . . . it could mean it's time for you to get professional help!  No, I don't mean that kind of professional help.

Call Luxe Design Interiors for a no-cost no-obligation design consultation.  I would love to help you take your design inspirations to real life room transformations. 

Having expert guidance to help guide your decorating decisions will save you time, give you access to trade-only resources,  help you avoid costly mistakes, and get the look that you have been dreaming about.

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